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Last updated 2:21 PM on 22 October 2017

Reporters: Saffron & Daria

Writers: Queenie & Amelie

Outdoor Library 

It's An Inside Out Library

Picture this, it's a beautiful day, you have nothing to do, your feeling relaxed. What could be better than to grab a book and sit down in the outdoor library.

The unused concrete verandah outside the library has been transformed into a relaxing and inviting reading area. This unusual idea was years in the making, it allows students to read whenever they want, especially when the library isn't open.

Mrs Campbell's husband helped make the bookshelves and her class painted them. The outdoor library space and its furniture was built to be weather resistant and durable.

Mrs Vermeesch said that the new outdoor library has influenced more reading during lunch and recess.

So remember if you haven't already come along to the outdoor library, make sure you do so soon and give it a try, it may become your favourite lunchtime spot!

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