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Education Week will be a game changer

Excursions to the moon, teleporting between classes, face recognition roll call or a school without bell times or walls – the school of the future is only limited by your imagination. That is the message from the organisers of an exciting new challenge being launched today in the lead up to Education Week 2018. The inaugural Game Changer Challenge will showcase the theme of this year's Education Week, Today's schools – creating tomorrow's world, which highlights how NSW public schools are equipping young people with the skills and capabilities... Read more

Harmony Day

Harmony Day

Reported and Written by: James & Flynn HARMONY DAY On Friday 23rd March Newtown Public School acknowledged Harmony Day. Everyone dressed in orange. Many classes watched a video about Harmony Day – what it celebrates and why. It celebrates the different cultures in Australia. It's important to acknowledge the diversity of all Australians because everyone should feel as though they belong. This was the SRC's first big event to run. They did a great job because they got the whole school to be involved by wearing orange. Every student who... Read more



Reported and Written by: James & Flynn RIDE2SCHOOL Last week was the best participation of RIDE2SCHOOL that Newtown Public School has ever seen. Ride2School Day is a day where students ride their bikes, scooters and skateboards etc and dress them in green. It's a day to remind us to get out and about without a motor vehicle. When we arrived at school, the Environment Team welcomed us with fruit, tattoos and horns that were provided by the City of Sydney. The beep of the horns showed how much we were in to Ride2School day (a bit too... Read more

SCR Present their Pledges

Bullying Prevention Week

Reported and Written by: Kate & Grace Bullying Prevention Week Week 7 was Bullying Prevention Week at Newtown Pubic School, our whole school took part in this event. Each stage participated in different aspects of what bullying is and what we can do to prevent it. Some of the Stage 3 classes watched a video from The Project. The focus was about a girl Dolly who experienced being bullied. It was a really emotional video, afterwards we discussed how as a group we could prevent bullying. We all came up with ideas, most people were... Read more

Handball Tournament Term 1 2018

School Captains' Handball Tournament

Reported by: Petar School Captains Handball Tournament Newtown Public School House Captains organised a handball tournament to increase sport participation at school. It was a huge turnout, so huge that we don't have a winner yet, the second half of the tournament will be held Friday, Week 7. It was great to see so many students get involved.... Read more

Grandfrieds' Day 2018

Grandfriends' Day

Reported & Written by: Petar, Craig & Raph Grandfriends' Day Each year Newtown Public School invites Grandparents and Grandfriends to a special assembly that lets them know how important they are to us. Lots of students invited their Grandfriends to school for a morning of celebrations. Grandfriends came from many places outside of Sydney to share this event with us. One Grandparent left Canberra at 4am and came by bus that morning to be here! Everyone was having a great time, students were spoilt with books and our Grandfriends looked... Read more

Zone Swimming Carnival 2018

Zone Swimming Carnival

Reported & Written by: Lola and Pippa Zone Swimming Carnival On Tuesday 6th of March 42 students took a coach (bus) to Botany Bay Aquatics Centre to take part in Zone Swimming Carnival 2018. There were 11 schools participating in different strokes and trying their best to win a place in regionals. Newtown students cheered on their fellow peers, encouraging them to have fun and GO FOR GOLD!!!!!! Even though it isn't about winning we still swam our best and even some people qualified for regionals… you will know soon who qualified. The... Read more

Clean Up Australia Day 2018

Newtown Public School Cleans Up

Reported & Written by: Holly, Ava, Pip & Lola Newtown Public School Cleans Up Newtown Public School got together on Friday March 2 to participate in CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA DAY. Each Stage was allocated different areas to clean up and each class had a garbage bag to fill with rubbish but no class could actually fill their garbage bag! Ms. Fay's class, 5-6 Physalia had the job of cleaning up the park which is an area used by NPS and the Newtown Community. Even that area didn't have much rubbish. It was really interesting to see that garbage... Read more

Kamay Bay Stage 3 Excursion

Stage 3 Goes Back in Time

Reported & Written by: Akira D & James NJ Stage 3 Goes Back in Time Ever wanted to know what Australia was like before colonisation. As part of Stage 3's history and geography unit, stage 3 went Kamay Botany Bay National park in Week 4. Botany Bay National Park has been renamed Kamay Botany Bay National Park to respect the traditional custodians of the land, the Dharawal people. Our bus/ time travel machine took us back to where Captain Cook took his first steps in Australia. Once we arrived in the past our hosts gave us a brief... Read more

Theme: Today's schools – creating tomorrow's world

EdWeek 2018 - theme and dates announced

This year's Education Week will be held from Monday 6 August to Friday 10 August 2018 (Term 3, Week 3). The theme for Education Week is ‘Today's schools – creating tomorrow's world'. This theme communicates how NSW public schools are equipping young people with the skills and capabilities they need to thrive in a rapidly changing, globalised world. Video: Mark Scott announces theme for EdWeek 2018 You tube video: Read more

2018 Resource Allocation Model funding

In October 2017, all NSW public schools will receive a 2018 Planned School Budget Allocation Report. The report will assist with the management of the total budget delivered to schools through the Resource Allocation Model (RAM). The Resource Allocation Model (RAM) methodology distributes funding based on the individual needs of students and schools. This gives schools greater flexibility to make local decisions. Learn more about the 2018 funding by visiting the department's website or watch a short animation about managing the total school... Read more

Outdoor Library

It's An Inside Out Library

Reporters: Saffron & Daria Writers: Queenie & Amelie It's An Inside Out Library Picture this, it's a beautiful day, you have nothing to do, your feeling relaxed. What could be better than to grab a book and sit down in the outdoor library. The unused concrete verandah outside the library has been transformed into a relaxing and inviting reading area. This unusual idea was years in the making, it allows students to read whenever they want, especially when the library isn't open. Mrs Campbell's husband helped make the bookshelves and her... Read more

New Office

Newtown Public School - The Office Reveal

Reporters: Alice, Lola, Kate & Mila Writers: Rosie & Daria Newtown Public School The Office Reveal After a long time, a whole term of patience, disruptions and smelly paint, the office was officially opened week 1 of Term 4. The new location of the office is on the ground floor for accessibility for the whole community. Once the entrance off Norfolk Street is open, you will enter through new automatic doors. The office feels brighter and welcoming with new a colour scheme, blue walls and orange couches. The whole area has been... Read more


Newtown Public School Run for Fun - TOGETHER WE RUN!

TOGETHER WE RAN NEWTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOL TAKES OVER SYDNEY PARK FOR INAUGURAL RUN FOR FUN Sunday September 10 was electric with fluorescent outfits, blue skies and sunshine and excitement that was palpable. Newtown Public School, thank you! We did it; we had the most amazing day! Sydney Park's Cycle Centre was the epicenter of Newtown Public School's Run for Fun. It was fantastic to see everyone have a great morning out, whether you ran in a race, volunteered or cheered on the competitors, we should all be proud of how we got together and made... Read more

Grug and the rainbow

Kindy and Stage 1 Excursion to Grug & The Rainbow at Monkey Baa

Our Excursion On Friday 8th September Stage One and Kindergarten went to see Grug and the Rainbow at the Monkey Baa Theatre. First we walked up to King Street to catch a coach. Then we got on the coach and chatted to our friends! The coach dropped us off at the Chinese Gardens and we walked to the theatre. We wanted to know what the story was about because the title was interesting. Most of us knew the book called Grug but some of us didn't. We felt excited! When we entered the theatre we saw the set. It was made up of big, green, fluffy... Read more

Taronga Zoo

Stage 2 Excursion to Taronga Zoo

Stage 2 Excursion to Taronga Zoo DID YOU HEAR THAT? Sounds like gorillas playing with their friends. This was just one of the many sounds that Stage 2 heard last Tuesday when we visited Targona Zoo. Arriving at the zoo was exciting as we knew we were going to meet some great animals and learn about the conservation of endangered species. This was important for our Science and Design Thinking projects in which we, as zoologists, have to design an ecosystem to support a threatened or endangered animals. We saw a range of different animals such... Read more

Martin Chatterton

Martin Chatterton

Reporters & Writers: Alice, Callie & Gemma Martin Chatterton Martin Chatterton is an illustrator and author who came to our school in Week 7. Not only has he written over 20 children's books and illustrated more than 80 books for other writers, but also two of his book series are being turned in to movies! His talk was like nothing else it was the silliest thing we heard all week. He talked about where he lived and how he grew up in London and later moved to New Zealand. His childhood sounded hilarious. He shared funny anecdotes of him... Read more

Book Week

Escape to Everywhere - A Book Week Adventure

Reporters & Writers: Fergus, Sa, Fred and Oscar ESCPAE TO EVERYWHERE A Book Week Adventure Week 6 was Book Week it was a busy week with lots of events but the highlight was the Book Character Parade. In the weeks before the parade there was lots of talk about what people were thinking of coming as. The morning of the parade there was lots of excitement and talk of who was dressed as what character. The Book Character Parade was held in the hall. The Library Leadership team ran the parade. The first on stage were the teachers. Most of the... Read more

NDIS logo

NDIS continues its roll out across NSW

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) started in NSW in July 2016, rolling out across half of the state. The rollout for the rest of NSW started on 1 July 2017 and the NDIS will be fully rolled out by mid 2018. The NSW government is writing to the families of children and young people with disability who currently receive disability supports in the rollout areas to advise how and when they will enter the NDIS. How will people move into the NDIS? There is a planned approach to the way people enter into the NDIS. The first people to... Read more

Science Week

Science Week 2017

Reporters & Writers: Bas & Jack Science Week 2017 WEEK 5 WAS NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK. Newtown Public School hosted parents and carers who had a job or experience in the field of science. Different classes had different talks about different areas of science from Neuroscientists through to Engineers. Across stage 3, we had a technology talk – the future of technology, how it may evolve and affect our lives in the future. Year 6 also had a Neuroscientist from the University of Sydney to talk to them about how the brain works and some amazing... Read more

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